Michael Wolters & Seán Clancy
Smithfield Festival Site
30 - 31 July 2022
6.20pm & 10pm

I am working with Michael Wolters & Seán Clancy as their Producer to realise AMAECHI, commissioned by Birmingham 22 that will be presented during the Commonwealth Games 2022.

Three Birmingham basketball players, three mobile percussionists, and an electronic musician run, jump, shuffle, bounce, and play across the 3X3 practice court of the Commonwealth Games creating an energetic and sonically rich performance that sits in the space between sport and music. This action is frequently interspersed by three singers quoting in close harmony the inspiring words of psychologist & Ex-NBA player, John Amaechi, the first basketball player to come-out as gay in the very straight world of sports.

This queer-led performance is a celebration of sport, teamwork, collaboration, difference, and the human spirit, whilst also drawing attention to the difficulties faced by queer people in sport, and the status of queer people in 35 Commonwealth countries that criminalise homosexuality, 13 of which punish homosexuality with imprisonment or death.

Birmingham 22 Festival