Transmission Radio

Online radio station, 2018

A new radio station that broadcast daily for two weeks.

All programmes were made by artists, writers and composers. 

The research was Supported by bursaries awarded by a-n and New Art west Midlands article

This pilot was made possible with support of research bursaries from Artist Newsletter & New Art West Midlands , the invaluable advice from those 'in the know'; Siobahn Mullen (Radio producer), Tim Wall (Professor of Radio and Popular Music Studies, BCU), Patrick Cunningham (Phonic fm), Lucinda Williams (Sound Art Radio) and  Peter Lanceley (Resonance fm).

Included programmes by Andrew Jackson, Andrew Hamilton, Andy Spackman, Ben Sadler, Bobbie Gardner, Carolyn Morton, Cathy Wade, Clare Lyndsey, Dan Auluk, George Reiner, Henry McPherson, Ian Richards, Jose Arroyo, Joash Musundi, Justin Wiggan, Mark Murphy, Michael Wolters, Michael Glass, Mike Johnston, Mo White, Paul Norman, Paul Wright, Robin Buckley (RKSS) and Tolley & Georgiou.