The Great Barnfield Rambles

Commissioned by Multistory for Blast! Festival
Wednesbury, 2019

30min radio programme about the life and work of artist Fred Branfield (1935 – 2013).

Based on interviews with people who knew him well, the programme unravels the paradox of a how a working class Black Country man became a conceptual artist.

Blast Photo Festival

I rambled, walked around Fred Barnfield’s haunts, and rambled, talked with people from the Black Country who knew Fred to create an audio piece that was installed in Wednesbury Library during Blast! Festival.

On final weekend of the festival I led a ‘ramble’ taking in locations in Wednesbury that were significant to Fred, and providing an opportunity to dig deeper into the stories that made him such a fascinating character. Ending up a Brunswick Park bandstand we had a picnic and listened to works by Beethoven performed by students from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.