A Flock of Benches

Nest Gallery, 2010

This exhibition brings together eight benches that have been made by knitting groups from across the UK as part of The Knitting Salon project.

The Knitting Salon actively promotes the sharing of knitting skills, dialogue and the application of locally sourced wool via the use of a mobile salon designed with artist Kate Pemberton.

The Knitting Salon project was initiated in 2008 at Artsfest, Birmingham. With support from Craftspace I worked closely with artist Kate Pemberton on the design and construction of a mobile salon. Together we set out to create a peripatetic environment that customised existing furniture and can respond to scale in public spaces.

For Nest Gallery eight Salon Benches that have been made by knitting groups from across the UK using selected fleeces and uniquely spun yarns will be exhibited. Each Salon Bench has been made collectively made by a group who has worked with an artist to personalise their bench by applying a variety knitting and felting techniques.

The benches will be accompanied by resource trolleys and offered to members of the public as a platform for sharing knitting skills and conversations. Visitors can knit and chat on Salon Benches from: